About Gracie's

A feeling of home

From the moment you pull into the parking lot and enter our front door you will assuredly realize that there is absolutely nothing fancy about this place. And you would be correct.                     

But come on in, you'll be greeted by one of our smiling faces. Sit down and take a look at our dining room, you will not see another like it. 

Look over the menu and you may start to get it. We are not like "any other" restaurant. In fact, we like to think you're home. If only for a little while.

Our philosophy

 My wife, Nancy and I started Gracie's in the spring of 2004 with only two basics:          

  • Create meals like you would at home 
  • Don't give your guests sticker shock.            

The fact that we've been voted the best Home Cooking place in town for ten years suggest we may be on to something.                     

Our menu is loaded with the type of meats and vegetables that you would find on any table growing up in the South. And when you're finished with that, it's dessert time. Homemade desserts! Oh my!                     

Our promise

Simply put, it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We look forward to serving you some of Gracie's Home Cookin.

Ken Gentry